Holographic Skull Ring Holder - Green

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Display your love for goth and glitter with this holographic skull ring holder. These skulls will make the perfect addition to your vanity or night stand. Not only will your eyes be entranced by the rainbow shine each skull reflects, but you feel extravagant knowing you are placing your beloved rings on natural quartz crystals.

Each skull can fit 10 or more rings depending on the thickness of your rings.

Makes the perfect gift for guys and gals!

Choose how you want your quartz crystals arranged.

  • Option #1: Quartz crystals arranged on the outside edges of the top of the skull (see picture labeled #1)
  • Option #2: Centered in the middle of the skull (See picture labeled #2)

Each skull is handcrafted and may very slightly from the picture. This means that each piece is completely unique to you!

  • Size: Length 3.75" x Width 2.5" x Height 3.75"
  • Weight: 12oz
  • Material: High Quality Epoxy Resin

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Customer Reviews

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Courtney Semans

This was such a cool gift to give, and very well made


This is one of the coolest things I have ever purchased!